Go for Gold

I know! I know! The Olympics is done but I’m really loving everything gold these days. The Gold & Glamorous Collection of textiles and pillows was part of Caitlin Wilson‘s holiday collection and even though Christmas has come and gone, I’m still swooning over this shimmering and bold-patterned collection. I had a hard time trying to choose my favorite one. Check out the patterns:

A sofa can never have enough throw pillows right? So I got a pair of one of these designs. It was just the best one for the space. Any idea which design I chose?


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Draped: 12 Gorgeous Window Panels

I am such a big fan of window treatments, specifically window panels. They drape windows so luxuriously and hits the floor like an amazing long gown {Decor Tip: yes! They must hit the floor — I cringe when I see curtain panels that don’t…people just don’t do it!}. Here are 12 Gorgeous Window Panels, just some ideas to give those windows the accessory they deserve.

1. Sheers in Simply White: Understated and Classic

2. Ombre: It’s sort of *the new black*; Curtain panels are always on trend

3. Tafetta: For elegance & flounce

4. Striped: Laid Back and relaxed

5. Patterned: Paisley? Medallions? Coral? The choices are endless when it comes to patterns in curtain panels

6. Dotted: Not just for a nursery anymore

7. Floral: Because Chintz will never die

8. Edged: Simple yet bold {if that’s possible}

9. Laced: Romantic {hmmm, looks like the “it should touch the floor” rule does not apply to lace; it is Lace after all —the only exception to the rule — ok, maybe crochet too!}

10. Bright & Corniced: Tone on Tone and framed with a gorgeous cornice

11. Extra Long: Because some are so lucky to have extra high ceilings {Decor tip: Even if you don’t, just put the curtain rods all the way to the ceiling and it will create the “high ceiling” illusion}

12. Geometric: Because a punch of a bold pattern goes a long way

Convince yet? Draperies and curtain panels can seriously give your room that oomph!

Images: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 |  10 | 11 | 12


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Hello everybody! It is Wednesday! This actually means, I’m coming back home to Austin after being gone for almost two weeks. I’m very excited to get started on some projects….

>Decorating my house is still ongoing and there’s still some things left to do: putting up more frames, painting a mirror frame and a bar cart, decoupaging and creating a few more vignettes. The progress is on Instagram.

> I also do E-Design and I’m doing two at this time as well as a couple of Interior design projects in Austin.

> We are currently renovating a building for a Physical Therapy Clinic; the floors will be down & the walls will be up soon. Do you know what that means? Furnishing and decorating it is next!

> I am also creating a few DIY’s + interiors styling for HGTV.com. I am so excited for this opportunity and I can’t wait to show you the finished projects. This amazing & creative girl is helping me too. I am blessed!

> I’m reviewing my notes on Color Theory for upcoming classes for Treehouse. The picture above is Tonal. It’s neutral on neutral. Although it’s all muted colors, it works so well, don’t you think?

How is your week so far?


Gem of a Sideboard

How was your week everyone? It has been busy on my end but busy is good! I plan to take it easy this weekend; perhaps watch a movie with my daughter {she’s been wanting to see The Host} and go to one or two vintage shops {I’m on the hunt for the perfect medium size bust}. In the meantime, let me leave you today with the opulence of this sideboard. Can somebody say gorgeous? This piece by Boca de Lobo is just exquisite. It looks like something you would want to wear and feel like a million bucks. It doesn’t hurt that it’s wearing an amazing hue, Emerald, Pantone’s 2013 color of the year of course. Let’s look at it’s facets from different sides, shall we? Presenting the Diamond Emerald Sideboard.

emerald-green-console emerald-green-sideboard

It is just pristine! Oh and they have it in amethyst too! Have a great weekend everyone!

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A Q & A with an Interior Painter

Today, let’s talk about paint. It’s definitely one {if not the most important} thing that can change the look of a space so fast & so easily. Truth be told, my husband, Jason is a master painter {among other things of course!} and runs Matchless Interior Painting here in Austin. They are number one on Yelp! I often ask him about color and paint advise. Here’s a short Q & A with him:

1. What information that you want clients to have right away when they ask for quotes, etc?

Mainly what are the areas they need painted (walls, ceilings, trim, doors, etc.) The size of the spaces matter as well to estimate how much paint the space/s will need.

*** I often see or hear some clients being unprepared. Your painter should know all your painting needs about the space. There are no details too trivial to discuss.

2. For most people, it is so hard to choose a color for their space; Can you give top 3 ideas to help them be able to choose a color with confidence?

A= Easiest choice is to go neutral, like grays. Gray is a lot funner than beige.

The many colors of *Gray* at Benjamin-Moore.

B= If they want to add more color, try and find colors that may be in rugs or artwork that’s on the walls that will be staying up.

The hue in the rug is replicated on the walls in this room.

C= Pick a seasonal color. Softer/lighter colors during the Spring/Summer time & bolder colors in the Fall/Winter times. Soft but vibrant colors can provide energy when the days are longer, which you may need. It’s like a never ending cup of coffee.

A Spring-inspired room. {via Chinoiserie Chic}

3. Why is it so important to use low-VOC & green products when painting?

Low-Voc paints are on the way out, with Zero-Voc paints about to take over the industry. Oil won’t be around much longer at all, it’s going to be the next “lead” paint. Voc stands for Volatile organic compound. It’s basically the chemicals in the paint which are harmful to breathe. Voc’s also impact the environment, pretty much the same way emissions in a car do.
4. What do you consider as “good” paint or “bad” paint? Which brands are the best & why?

Every brand has several lines. The best are without a doubt Sherwin Williams (Emerald or Duration) & Benjamin Moore (Aura or Natura). The lines at home improvement stores aren’t bad, but they simply don’t cover as good with a roller or spread as easy with a brush. The extra $$$ it costs for good paint is definitely worth it.

Thanks so much babe! Ask me {or him – Matchless Interior Painting} anytime about color & paint!


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March Recap

Hello friends! Enjoying Spring yet? The weather is still not Spring perfect, we had hail & rain just last week. Here’s a little recap on what happened last month.

Decorating the old house is still ongoing: 1) The antique rococo mirror was a find by my SIL & MIL, it had an awful color before but just a fresh coat of white paint made it gorgeous, I think! 2) The tufted bench reupholstered by Urban Habitat 3) The bookcase is from World Market, I bought it for $179.99, painted it black & added the hardware in brass gold 3) I adore this Georgian chair from Restoration Hardware which my husband dubbed the phone booth, cherry blossoms gave the space a hint of Spring!

bookshelf-restoration-hardware-chair copy


I went to Chicago for a short trip and met with three of my college friends. This was one of the pics taken. We did what we love doing, eating at Asian Fusion restos…yum!


And me & my daughter went to New York for a little R & R, bonding and shopping for Spring Break. We stayed at The Paramount, swanky lobby, small rooms.

daughter-noelle nolita-cupcake

That’s her on the left waiting for food at Yum Yum & me on the right enjoying a cupcake at Nolita. April looks like it’s going to be fun as well!

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A Shop to Love: Jean Marc-Fray

Nestled in the heart of Clarksville, Austin is this gorgeous shop, Jean-Marc Fray. I have been a long-time fan of this shop which specializes in French Antiques. You know I’m such a sucker for anything *French.* Parisian macaroons, cafe au lait, being in a le courtyard. Anywho, here are some of my new finds from this shop….

This bookcase is divine! A lattice front, a marble top, the shiny black lacquer…..

This gorgeous buffet is just perfection!

This will look awesome in our bedroom….just saying!

And I need at least a pair of this for the living room….

This secretary is a great match for my low chest of drawers.

As you can tell, I am into black lacquer, ebonized furniture with brass or gold accents but the shop offers more than this style of furnishings. Their selections of lighting is to die for {hello Murano!} and I wouldn’t mind having one of these Transoms mirror.

I can’t wait until I get a *design* client in Austin {and beyond} with the same love for these antiques as me….{If that’s you...contact me :)}! I can’t get enough of their inventory & the staff is just amazing! If you are new to Austin, this shop is a must visit. They are located at Whit Hanks Antiques.

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Opulent Orbs


It’s amazing how lighting can totally transform a space. Aside from the walls and floor, I tell my clients that lighting is definitely up there as far as “must get!” For square rooms, something round can soften the edges and give it balance. So, for this square room, we chose an Orb Chandelier. The metal straps give it an industrial feel, yet the curves make it sophisticated. This is a home office in progress, desk & filing cabinets coming soon!



Images: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5

Orb Chandelier | Lighting from different shops, varying sizes

Design Dilemma? Contact me.

Instant Decor | Flowering Branches

Cherry Blossom Branches

We have family coming over this weekend…talk about Spring cleaning fast! I’ve got a few things to grab for the house.To add a festive spirit for this Easter weekend, I’m on the hunt for the perfect flowering branches. I think they are just so gorgeous and a good fit with any kind of vase {the simpler, the better}.

Now, I can’t decide which one to get….

Quince Branches

Forsythia Branches

Apricot Branches, perhaps?

Or Plum Branches?

Of course, I’m not even sure if any of these are in Season. Wish me luck on the hunt!

Images: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5

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The Right {Brained} Insight

My amazing friend, creative gal, Charmie shared this vid on her Facebook page a few weeks back & I have played it more than once. It’s a bit long but I assure you, it will enlighten and inspire you!

  Jill Taylor’s Talk on Ted.Com

So, in the past couple of weeks I’ve been taking on more design projects {which fuels me so much!}. There’s nothing like deadlines & logistics though that slowly numbs your creativity. So, even though, actual drawings are not a must with my design projects {because of softwares that are so easy to use!}, I make it a point to draw more. As creatures of the western world, I do think we rely so much on our left-brain that our lives are filled with anxiety and stress. Albeit, both hemispheres are so important, yet neglecting one will most definitely spell disaster.



I realized that I like going old school — like drawing floor plans. There should be a marriage of our right and left brains. Much like a relationship, one is more dominant than the other. Nurturing our creativity {everybody has it!} will definitely make us whole, expansive, and alive! So, I definitely concur, Jill Taylor!

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