Floor to Ceiling Organization

Well, what do you know it’s Friday again! How has your week been folks? Mine was well, 100% work. Hmmm, something is terribly wrong.

I mostly work from home and I’m telling you, I’m slowly running out of organizing space! I mean just the shelter mags I keep! I also have been amassing design and decorator books which gracious Press companies sends me to review. Yes, I will work for design books! I’m also piling up catalogs, fabric and carpet samples and more design stuff. Someday, I’ll have a home office space with floor to ceiling bookcases with storage galore.

Lit by a gorgeous chandelier.

Or draped in velvet.

Maybe it will have a ladder.

Or adorn an entryway.

Or set with a seating area.

Or a daybed to lounge at!

Floor to ceiling organization is just a must! So many ideas, right? Well, I bid all of you a Happy weekend. Hope next week will be more fun than work for me but what am I talking about? Work is fun, fun is work!

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