Patrick Dempsey’s McDreamy Malibu Home

Ok, so I did succumb to using the “McDreamy” word. I was never a fan of Grey’s Anatomy but long before he was the dream of women in scrubs all over; I was swooning over him in his earlier movies like “Happy Together” and “Can’t Buy Me Love.” But alas, I do think he gets better with age.

I just got my issue of the latest Architectural Digest and there is a whole spread of his Malibu home he shares with his wife and three adorable kids. It’s one of Frank Gehry’s earliest houses. The decor is laid back yet polished. A little bit rustic yet well appointed. Here’s a few of my favorite snaps!

open space livng room banquet seating dining area bedroom swing kitchen patrick dempsey malibu home patrick dempsey outdoors outdoor dining rustic Tin Guest House They even have a tin guest house, an airstream and chicken coop! What do you think?

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