Flowers for Carrie

So as I mentioned in yesterday’s post, I’ve slowly been making the transition to being a “girlier” girl, both in style and in decor.  A key step in doing this? Watching all of Sex & The City in one fell swoop.  I’m a million years late but I just can’t help but extoll the virtues of that show, mostly for it’s great representation of strong female friendships.  So to commemorate my love for the show, I did what any true fan would do…made a shrine to Carrie Bradshaw of course!


{excuse the crummy iPhone image, my Canon was left at work!}

Now, understandably, you may not want to pay tribute to SJP’s image before leaving your house each morning – we can’t all be as dedicate as myself – but you may enjoy creating a little flower frame of your own.  It’s incredibly simple and boasts major impact on overall girly vibe of a room.

1)  Gather your supplies.


{just a simple frame and fake roses from Hobby Lobby, in hot pink of course!}

2) Pull your roses {or flowers of your choice} off their fake stems and hot glue them to to frame


3) Let cool, chose your picture and enjoy!


See? Told ya it’d be easy 😉

x Rachel

Betsey Johnson Love

So I’ll be the first to admit, growing up I was NEVER a girly girl.  I have two older brothers and lived in the country, so dirt, mud and bugs were daily playthings when I was young.  But as I’ve gotten older, I’m much more open to embracing the power of the ultra-feminine.  I’ve fallen in love with pink, floral, and all things girly.  And to be honest, much of the reason for this transition is my love affair with Betsey Johnson.

The first time I saw one of her interviews I immediately knew she’d be an idol of mine.  Completely crazy yet so powerful, this woman with this sense of child-like wonder inspired me to explore just how much fun being a girl can be.  If you’re not in love with her bags, shoes or clothing line yet, take a look at her GORGEOUS apartment and then imagine that energy being filtered into ready-to-wear.  Yep, I’m drooling too.




Hope you all have a lovely Thursday and prepare yourselves! More girly posts are coming 🙂

x Rachel