Happy Halloween!

It’s finally here! An excuse for all us grown ups to dress up and be kids again. Or just an excuse to eat lots of yummy candy…but really, who needs an excuse for that??

We thought we’d do a round up of some of our favorite looks inspired by today’s lovely holiday. Try not to get too terrified of how amazing these rooms look!



A great collage of frames paired with pretty white pumpkins looks just lovely.


Simple and effective cut outs and moody accessories.



We are in love with this wall art!



A little understated was never a bad thing in our book.



And we leave you with the most beautiful Halloween mirror ever *swoon*

So there are just a few of our favorites.  We almost wish Halloween would come again next week, we’ve got some new ideas we’re dying to try out now!

Happy Halloween!


Simple Christmas Wreath How-To

I always have trouble deciding what to get my mom for her birthday in November.  Usually she suggests random new appliances, which always seems like a boring gift idea to me!  So this year, I thought I’d help her get ready for Christmas decorating  and hand-make her a Christmas wreath.  Making wreaths is easy and fun, and although I did this wreath in a more traditional style, you can always adapt this tutorial to fit your decor needs, as the concepts are universal.

Step 1: Pick a wreath form.

I prefer wreaths made of branches, but you can use any form you like.  Just be sure it will meet your needs i.e. don’t use foam if you’re planning to spray paint!

Step 2:  Spray it gold!

I love the way painted branches look!  And gold metallic spray paint is way more beautiful than it might initially sound.

Step 3:  Pick your decorations.

Like I mentioned earlier, this is a more traditional wreath, so I went with holly and poinsettias.  Feel free to mix it up though, the possibilities are endless!

Step 4:  Hot glue decorations to wreath.

From first…

to finished…as far as floral decorations go.

Step 5: Finish it up with a little extra flair!

First I added a little plaid ribbon up top to be the background for…

Christmas bells!  For a little added seasonal jingle.

I added a little more plaid ribbon and one last central poinsettia and voila!  You’re wreath is complete!

Mom loved the wreath, although we had to hang it inside so the puppy wouldn’t chew it up…aren’t pets great? I hope this tutorial helped you prepare a little more for the Christmas season.  Let us know what you think!  If you like this tutorial, I may do a couple more for different variations on this wreath and other Christmas decor I’ll be making in the upcoming weeks.

Oh, and in case you were curious, I bought all my supplies at Michael’s and the total cost was about $20.  Not to shabby for my first go at wreath-making huh?