Store Inspirations-Part II

I’ve been to New Orleans several times but last November was my first time to see the Garden district in a different light. If you happen to go, don’t just stay in the French Quarter; the Garden district is a fabulous stroll for oh-so-charming shops, good eats & beautiful houses & mansions. I loved the store Perch.

It’s also in New Orleans that I found $8000 vintage chandeliers. It came all the way from Paris & made of salvaged parts.

Abroad, I fell in love with this window display in Paris.

The lighting was very good & the tufted walls are just lovely. This window is just better to see in person!

So, sorry, I didn’t take a lot of pics at that time of shops. I think I was scared of being kicked out by boutique owners.

In the Philippines, my home, I visited wholesale companies like this one. I seriously loved these venetian ispired mirrors & frames, but to tuck them in with my luggage would have been a total disaster and this hammock/sofa is just way too big.

In Austin, my would-be-home, these are my favorites.

Mercury Design Studio, this shop is very chic.

Finch is one of the new kids on the block in the second street district.
At The Domain, I loved Rachel Ashwell’s Store. All white & shabby chic.
My recent finds, Zone Maison in Quebec City and Beige in Montreal.

Zone Maison

Haah, so many shops, so little time. More window-shopping opportunities to come!


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