Interior Define | Luxury Sofas at Affordable Price

I love shopping for furnishings and decor! Shocker, right? It’s one of my favorite things to do and “sourcing” or finding things both for me, family, friends and of course, clients is one of my daily tasks both for fun and work. As a designer, I get to see “what’s new” in the market from newsletters, press releases, trade mags & events that I pass on to my clients, of course! If you’re like me, I go for the luxurious but with a great price; I am the champagne on a beer budget gal {although don’t get me wrong — there are pieces that I would totally say, go for the real deal and top of the line}.

There’s a new “seating” option out there, an online source for sectionals, sofas and chairs. Interior Define offers well-crafted pieces at a fraction of the price of mainstream luxury brands. They do this by bypassing unnecessary middlemen and markups. Here are my faves:

interior define sofas 1/ Asher sofa 2/ Wesley Chair 3/ Pritchard Sectional 4/ Taylor Chair

modern sofa modern traditional sofas You will be floored when you see their pricing! Here’s a little bit more about them and with a 365 day return policy plus a concierge service, you can’t go wrong. They also have really great advisory board, with Andy Dunn of Bonobos and Joel Peterson, chairman of Jetblue. I just got my fabric, felt and leather swatches & they are sweet! Getting a sectional for a client soon!

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