Red Carpet Inspired Interiors

You may have seen some of our Editorial to Interiors posts, but today I’m doing a one off and just taking inspiration from the red carpet.  I was dying over some of Vogue’s 10 Best Dressed looks for this week and thought, why not see if we can find some rooms that embody the essence of these elegant looks.

1.  Emily Blunt in Romantic Peach

Here’s Emily in her gorgeous gown…


And the room it inspires…


2. Marion Cotillard and Rich Deep Purple


3. Jennifer Lawrence and Brooding Burgundy


4. Helen Mirren and Glamorous Gold and Black


5. Naomi Watts and Blue Elegance


And there you have it, my take on these fashions’ transition from clothing to decor.  Let me know which is your favorite, or if you have a different take on these fashions…my personal favorite is Jennifer Lawrence’s dress and room pairing, but I am biased towards all manor of wine-inspired colors.

Have a wonderful weekend!