Decoding Joybird Fabrics

To all Mid-Century Modern enthusiasts, Joybird is the online promise land for affordable mid-century modern seating. All the hip styles you want, lifetime warranty & an unheard of 365-day policy. There must be a catch right? Well, from my experience, none. I’ve placed orders from them for clients & the customer service is top-notch as well as the craftsmanship. But why-oh-why must there be 20 different types of fabrics that seem to all look alike but really not. I would like to help you by decoding their fabrics. For the people who believes simple is beautiful, I categorized them into 3 parent categories:

1/ Lux: Their version of luxurious & refined where the weave is smaller creating a look that’s more sophisticated, plush & soft. Mid-century modern is utterly casual but lux fabrics ups the ante a bit.

2/ Mid: Moderately lux, moderately casual; it’s their in-between. Think herringbones, tweeds, weaves & textures you can never go wrong with.

3/ Casual: Think funky & hip, bold & colorful & just a lot of fun. It’s for the bachelors & bachelorettes, it’s for the game room & family room, it’s for your teenager’s space, it’s for the man-cave.

Joybird Fabrics

Sometimes too many options can be dizzying. Of course, do not take my word for it, you can always get fabric swatches from them. Smell them, touch them, put them against your skin, sooner or later one will heed the call for your seating yearnings. And for those with little kiddos & lovable pets, they do have these performance fabrics:

pet friendly fabric joybird

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