Our Art of the Mix Workshop at Loot

Hi everybody! I hope you all had a fantastic weekend. Maureen and I were finally able to reminisce this weekend on the success of our workshop that we held last Wednesday at Loot Vintage Rentals. We both had the best time hanging with all who came and believe that all our guests had just as fun as we did! I wanted to give all of you who couldn’t make it to our workshop a recap of what all went on that evening and what kinds of activities to expect when signing up for our future events! Scroll down to check it out…





If you don’t know much about Loot Vintage Rentals, you really should check out their website to learn about all of their amazing furniture and accessories that are for rent (perfect for weddings or photoshoots) and their brand new line of products, Loot Finer Goods, that are for sale to all.

Upon arrival, Maureen and I, along will a few of Maureen’s friends set-up the finishing touches {shout out to In Style Weddings & Destinations & Lady Luxe Life}, such as the food and drink stations and the activity stations. Loot’s incredible staff set up all of the furniture and then Maureen was able to style each vignette exactly how she pleased. She even incorporated a lot of her own accessories, table books, and even a piece of fabric art that she bought in Greece this past summer. I must say, I was swooning the entire time over all of the conversation areas she designed!


As guests started pouring in right as the clock struck 6 o’clock, the once quiet space became lively with the voices of about 80 guests. We were very pleased with how many people showed up! Although we recognized a lot of faces of our friends and family, we also had the privilege of meeting many other aspiring designers.

After about half an hour of attendees sipping champagne and Guns and Oil beer, the appetizers and small bites were almost gone and people started to settle into their seats for the main event.



The lecture started off with the owners of Loot Rentals, Rhoda and Anna, introducing themselves, their company, and then the designer herself, Maureen. Then, I told the audience about a Instagram contest that was going to be happening throughout the duration of the event. The first three people who tagged @LootVintage, @LootFinerGoods, and @MaureenStevensDesign in their Instagram posts and used the hashtag #MaureenStevensDesign would win very impressive prizes — the winner would be announced at the end of the presentation.




As Maureen took the engaged guests through the handout on “how to mix interior design styles,” people were stayed involved by asking Maureen questions and sharing their personal preferences and opinions.

With about thirty minutes left in the evening, Maureen and I instructed everyone to create their very own design board using all the supplies at the front. There were piles of fabric samples, wallpaper samples, magazine clippings of furniture and lighting, as well as paint colors, to choose from. Each and every board that was created was unique and a spot-on reflection of each guest’s personality. These design boards are very helpful to get a clear picture of what a space will look like when it all comes together in regards to color, scale, proportion, textures, and patterns.



8 o’clock came way faster than everyone wanted it to come. People ended up mozying out by about 9 o’clock, and as they did so, they got to take home their very own “Swag Bag” full of goodies.

We would not have been able to put together such awesome swag bags if it weren’t for the sponsors who contributed more than we could have ever wished for.


A huge THANK YOU to…



As you can see, we are both very proud and thankful for how our workshop turned out and are looking forward to planning the next one very soon!

Thank you again to all of you who came, to Loot Vintage Rentals for hosting, and to all of our generous sponsors who donated all the fun stuff for the swag bags.

I hope that everyone has a happy Thanksgiving and a great rest of your week with family and friends celebrating this holiday season.

Check back on the blog next week for another Featured Artist post. You won’t believe this young woman’s talent, passion for art, and success story!



The Right Amount of Bright | How to Light Your Space

Have you ever been in a space that, while beautifully designed, felt a little flat?  Like you were looking at a picture of the space, not the space itself?  Chances are the culprit of this design flaw is bad lighting.  Lighting can make or break the feel of a space; it can create unexpected delight or underwhelming disinterest simply with the flick of a switch. As such, we wanted to give you a few quick hitting notes on how to properly light a few different spaces for different tasks.


1| Task Lighting

There are two main ways to light a space for different types of tasks:  general ambient lighting and task ambient lighting.

General Ambient lighting: This type of lighting is best for spaces in which the tasks being performed vary greatly.



The Lego Offices are a great example of various types of light used for multi-purpose spaces.


Task Ambient lighting:  In this type of lighting, higher values of illuminance are provided for the area in which one is working, with lesser values in the surrounding areas (think of a light at your desk versus only having an overhead light).



The Battle Hall Reading Room is a great example of beautiful task ambient lighting.

2| Ambient Lighting

Ambient lighting is created through mixing direct and indirect lighting – or downlighting and uplighting – to create a visually pleasing space.



I always think of wedding receptions when I think of uplighting.  Here the uplighting highlights the gorgeous ceiling architecture, while downlighting allows you to find your seat and chat with guests.


Various different types of lights and bulbs create very different effects in spaces.  The color temperature and brightness of a light play a large role in how our eye reads the room.

Incandescent:  These bulbs emit a warm light, with most of the energy in them concentrated towards the red and yellow end of the color spectrum, which compliments the appearance of human faces and warmer colored designs.




Incandescent lighting in the space is perfect!  It brings out the rich red hues instead of competing with them the way fluorescent light tends to do.

Fluorescent:  Depending on what color temperature you buy these in – they range from warm (3000k) to cool (4100) – you can light a space with an incandescent feel, or a feeling closer to daylight.  



Fluorescent lighting is a must in most ultra-modern spaces.  Too warm of a light source would distort the clean color palette and crispness of the space.



Sparkle is a real term in the field of lighting design references the highlights that add feelings of well-being to a space.  Sparkle can be found in the way light dances and reflects off water, or off a faceted chandelier.  Sparkle is a hard-to-pin-down element that creates deep visual interest in a space.  




This bar is too beautiful for words…all thanks to a lot of sparkle.

Just a few quick hits on what to consider when lighting your space.  Maureen will be delving into this topic more deeply, as she’s doing a talk on lighting soon!  It really is fascinating, you just have to wade through a lot of technical talk!  Happy weekend!