5 Fab Friday Finds | 5 Storage Styles for Nursery & Kid’s Rooms

Ok, first, that is a very long title. And it’s been an extremely long week too! I am a Mom of an almost two-year old. The terrible two’s is not a myth, it is unquestionably real; and though this is not my first foray into motherhood, I don’t quite remember my little girl now a teenager to be as messy as my baby boy is right now. And as a designer, I obsess about things being neat, tidied up & in their right place. Alas, this notion is not realistic. So. my advice? Embrace the mess, it’s ok to let it linger then later, pick up & put them in stylish storage baskets & bins for when guests or your mother-in-law comes, or when you just want to get in touch with your sane self again.

Here are 5 Storage Styles for Nursery & Kid’s Rooms:

Storage styles for nursery and kid's rooms

1. Coastal or Cottage: For a clean, crisp style 1 / 2 / 3

2. Industrial: For a Rustic Feel 1 / 2 / 3

3. Fun & Colorful: For a Vibrant & Cheerful Space 1 / 2 / 3

4. Dainty: For the Princess of the House 1 / 2 / 3

5. Modern Nordic: Minimalist 1 / 2 / 3

Happy weekend everyone!

The Nursery … Coming along Slowly

The nursery is coming along slowly but surely. As a designer/decorator, I probably should have had the space done, oh 2 months before the baby came? But alas, life caught up with me … work, travel. Excuses…excuses. Or I’d like to think, I am so selfless, I complete other people’s projects first before mine …. ha!

Well, I started getting it together mid-August. My first buy for the space is this lovely dresser from the fine gals at Nod to the Past when I found them on Craiglist. Circa 1940’s, I adore the undulating cabinetry & they repainted it with Annie Sloan’s paint in Mushroom & French Gray.

nursery dresser

The space is a guest bedroom and it still is! With a plus, it’s a nursery too so whoever comes to visit instantly becomes the sitter 🙂 Gotta have star string lights  {it’s from Amazon}.

star lights nursery


white leather rocking chair

The white tufted chair is a gift from the lovely people at Wayfair & the Zebra pillows {I have a pair} is from Dwell Studio.
nursery wallpaper and decor

The plan for the white headboard is to wallpaper it but my selection is $250 a roll …yikes. I stumbled upon this Otomi wallpaper but alas, found a more affordable alternative with stencils {will work on this soon, promise!}. And I couldn’t help it but I just have to get a few of these papier-mache animal heads.

crib and artwork

The crib is a gift from my mother-in-law from Million Dollar Baby & she will also make the canopy {inspired by Emily Henderson‘s nursery; the fabric is coming from Bolt & it is adorable! } — because she is awesome & I’m shameless. Picking artwork will take time but I have a few — a print from the Georgia O’Keefe museum when me & my daughter visited Santa Fe this Summer, hot air balloon invite from my baby shower thrown by my lovely sister-in-law {because like her Mom, she is awesome} & a personalized alphabet from Minted.

I kept everything pretty neutral as we decided not to know the sex of the baby. I also tried to keep costs down and so far, I’m achieving that. Any one-room projects anyone?

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7 Amazing Circus Painted Ceilings

Hola friends! I’m still here…it’s been two months since my last post. June,July and early August has been extremely hectic. On a good note, I am two weeks away from having my baby and to all Momma’s out there, you know what I’m going through. Oh, but this post is not about venting my grievances, gripes and beef with the last few weeks of pregnancy. Le sigh!

I am nesting, having a boost of wanting to get everything done and organized. Everything is set to go; car seat in the car…check, all classes & hospital tours… done, going-to-the-hospital bag packed…yup, nursery completed…no. Well, I don’t think it will be complete for a while. It will evolve as he/she {yes, we don’t know what the sex is, it’ll be a surprise} grows, of course. But right now, I’ve made some compromises already….like I originally wanted this crib but seriously I can’t justify the price {plus I’m getting a better one with both looks & functionality courtesy of my MIL}; I was going to get this wallcovering to dress my cutout headboard but I am now opting for a simpler look, how about some unassuming but cute elephants {plus yes! the wallpaper was pretty pricey}? But this one, I am not willing to compromise just yet… I want a circus painted ceiling. The hubs is busy and has not committed yet on when he can do it. At this time, even saying that it’s for the baby doesn’t help. Let’s have some inspiration, shall we?

1. A red circus ceiling is just bold, isn’t it?

















2. Pale blue is so sophisticated.

3. Yet sometimes, going neutral is best.

4. I’ve been biased with mint green hues for a while now.

5. A different take on the circus ceiling in gray; and wowzers…in a workout room.

6. If it’s for a little princess, you can’t go wrong with pink.

7. Or black and white.

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Images: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7