Where to Find Affordable Art

I spend a lot of my time finding the finds for clients. I’m telling you, furniture shopping is a breeze if you compare it to finding the right art. For one, it is so subjective {what you find beautiful, your clients may completely abhor} & it has to be cohesive or complementary to the color palette established & oh yeah, the feel & look has to be just right. and the all-important price, especially if there’s a specific budget in mind.
Here are some great websites to find affordable art!


Offers a wide array of original art in different mediums and at different price points.

Curated original art with some pieces at less than $500.

Mostly reproductions but you can get art in several size & even framing options.
Find vintage to handmade art from artists around the world.
Curated art from savvy pickers from modern to vintage art.
From Photography art to Mixed Media to Framed Textiles and Posters.
Offers trendy pieces and known for their art on Fashion and Typography.

Check out the works of the local artists in your area or even student’s work at your local university & college. In Austin, check out the artists from the EAST AUSTIN STUDIO TOUR & the WEST AUSTIN STUDIO TOUR.


Happy curating & remember, to have walls that’s full of life, Art is the answer.