Flowers for Carrie

So as I mentioned in yesterday’s post, I’ve slowly been making the transition to being a “girlier” girl, both in style and in decor.  A key step in doing this? Watching all of Sex & The City in one fell swoop.  I’m a million years late but I just can’t help but extoll the virtues of that show, mostly for it’s great representation of strong female friendships.  So to commemorate my love for the show, I did what any true fan would do…made a shrine to Carrie Bradshaw of course!


{excuse the crummy iPhone image, my Canon was left at work!}

Now, understandably, you may not want to pay tribute to SJP’s image before leaving your house each morning – we can’t all be as dedicate as myself – but you may enjoy creating a little flower frame of your own.  It’s incredibly simple and boasts major impact on overall girly vibe of a room.

1)  Gather your supplies.


{just a simple frame and fake roses from Hobby Lobby, in hot pink of course!}

2) Pull your roses {or flowers of your choice} off their fake stems and hot glue them to to frame


3) Let cool, chose your picture and enjoy!


See? Told ya it’d be easy 😉

x Rachel