Featured Artist: Reagan Corbett


Today, we are featuring a young and bold pop artist, Reagan Corbett. In the interior design industry, we are always on the search for art with meaning for our clients. Reagan’s is exactly that. We caught up with Reagan for a little Q&A on how her art defines who she is as a person and where her passion for art has lead her.


Playsuit Front // My First Back


Born and raised in Houston, Texas, Reagan graduated with a BA in Studio Art from the University of Texas at Austin, College of Fine Arts. She now resides in Houston where she is well-known for her art heavily influenced by American pop culture.

Reagan works with oils, acrylics, and occasionally metallics to achieve the purpose of her paintings — to tell a story using colors. In addition, high gloss and/or matte varnishes are present in each composition. Her signature display is using large canvases to magnify a small area of the human figure. To say the least, Reagan’s unique style and visual appeal offers open-ended questions for the viewers to envisage.

We asked Reagan Corbett a few questions about her lifelong dedication for painting that has turned into a full-time career as an professional pop artist.


White Hat

White Hat

1/ Tell me about yourself, your art experience, and how you decided that creating art was something you wanted to make a career out of.

My name is Reagan Corbett; I’m an artist, travel enthusiast, sister of two, and native Houstonian. My experience with art is more than what I create in the studio- it’s my passionate love for art history, and how I’ve been able to express myself to the rest of the world. As crazy as it sounds, art has always been a part of my life to some degree or another. Between my obsession with coloring books as a child, taking drawing classes, and signing up for art camp (among many more examples), it wasn’t until my senior year at The University of Texas at Austin that I decided being a full time artist was the career path I would be following.

Urban Cowgirl

Urban Cowgirl

2/ What is your favorite piece of art that you’ve ever created and why?

That is such a hard question! Almost every time I finish a painting I either verbally say, “This is the best painting I’ve ever done,” or I think to myself, this is my new favorite. If you’re really going to make me pick one, I have to say Afro Girl is my favorite. Afro Girl is a 48” x 48” oil painting I created during my undergrad studies. I was trying to make my first abstract painting then all the sudden had an artist breakthrough and saw a face. I went with my gut and transformed my abstract painting into a beautiful cotton candy colored afro. This painting got me into my first show, and has a ton of sentimental value.


The Kiss

3/ What are you trying to communicate with your art?

Within my body of work I’m really trying to evoke the feelings of nostalgia and Texas heritage, while introducing conversation about current social and cultural dilemmas. If you take a look at my work you can either accept it at face value or read into each piece’s deeper meaning. Creating art in a colorful, pop-art style has been my way of communicating these notions to my viewers.



4/ Who is your ultimate inspiration and why?

Right now my ultimate inspiration is Damien Hirst. Aside from being a creative genius and producing incredible work, Hirst has shepherded a modern day art movement that I have become a part of. His business model is inspiring and has pushed me to continue depicting subjects I want to paint, rather than only painting the things people are sure to have a positive response to.


Amazing Bears

5/ What is the process for taking custom orders or selling work?

It’s really important to me that my work reflects my vision as an artist. I’m happy to work with clients as long as the final product is true to my style. Collectors usually begin the buying process by emailing (reagan@reagartcollection.com) or sending me a direct message on Instagram (@reag_art) about the availability of a specific piece of art. Although that’s the most common, I occasially get collectors who simply “want a piece of reagART” and buy whatever I have available.




Abstract VII


1950’s Birthday Party



Yellow Pony

Yellow Pony


For more updates and photos of Reagan’s recent artwork, follow @reag_art on Instagram or check out her website. Cheers to the artist herself & her exciting journey ahead!