Tribeza Interiors Tour Giveaway

Yes folks, it’s that time of the year again! Baby it’s cold outside but on January 23rd, you’ll have a chance to be warm & cozy inside some fabulous spaces {giveaway details below}. I really like it that Tribeza has their Interiors Tour at the start of the year, it gives us so much inspiration & hopefully builds the momentum for a lot of us to finally make our own spaces well-edited, designed, curated and personal.

This year, as always, the tour is chockfull of features from the homes of some of the best interior designers in Austin or their clients. From new talents to alums, the likes of Katie Kime to one of my faves, Meredith Ellis {Read my interview with her last year here}. Here is a preview of what you will find at the tour {hint: there is wallpaper galore which happens to be one of my Top 10 Design Resolutions for 2016}:

Meredith Ellis wallpaper

A little Asian inspiration at the loo // Meredith Ellis

Page Gandy Wallpaper

Waves-a-Plenty in the Kitchen//Page Gandy

Amy Lutz Wallpaper

A parade of elephants // Amy Lutz

Katie Kime Wallpaper

Wild spots // Katie Kime

Here are the details to the giveaway: 2 Tickets up for grabs

Tribeza Interiors Tour

Saturday, January 23, 2016


Here’s how to win:

1/ Write a comment below on what you hope to change in your home this year; or

2/ Look us up on Instagram @maustevens and tag a friend you would like to invite on the tour in the comment section of any of our pics & use the hashtag #TribezaInteriorsTour.

Good luck!

May your spaces scream of beauty and awe and your rooms effortlessly curated. Interior Design Austin and beyond. Design questions or dilemmas? Drop me a line! Click here >>>

An Interview with Tracey Overbeck Stead

I firmly believe that interior designers live by a common ethos…and that is to make a home that truly reflects who they are and surrounded by things they love. This weekend, whether you are a design enthusiast or not, you should check out the Tribeza Interiors Tour. It showcases the interiors of big names in Austin in the world of design {and beyond of course!}. I still don’t know what to expect but I do know I will be thoroughly inspired. Today, I couldn’t be more honored to do this interview with an amazing interior designer, Tracey Overbeck Stead. Her work is fearless and at times offers a pleasant shock-value that others may find uncomfortable but secretly aspires to be as bold as her in her choices. Here it goes…

tracey overbeck stead

1. With so many design styles you are exposed to, how would you describe the style you chose for your own home?

I love so many styles and I design using a number of styles because I tailor to each of my client’s personal aesthetics. For my own home, I would call my style modern eclectic. It’s schizophrenic truly. I have mixed my family’s antiques, with client leftovers, along side pieces I’ve found while traveling.

tracey overbeck stead home 2. With a slew of residential and commercial projects under your belt, what has been most helpful for you that continuously inspires your creativity?

My creativity is inspired continually through travel, design blogs, and very progressive local showrooms like Scott + Cooner and Wildflower.

tracey overbeck stead eclectic room

3. What do you think is the biggest hurdle homeowners have in defining their own design style?

I think the biggest hurdle my homeowners have in defining their own design style is being afraid of change and taking risk. I find they also get trapped in trends instead of truly listening to their hearts on how they like to live stylistically.

4. Beauty before function or function before beauty? What is the sequence of importance in your design process?

I don’t think you have to sacrifice either of those. They both are so incredibly important that I never do one without the other. In other words, many of my clients have animals and/or children. I can always find durable fabrics, finishes that are incredibly beautiful as well to satisfy both needs.

cottage tracey overbeck stead

5. Your bio states that you are inspired by the “minimalism of High Modernism”; the play of words is quite intriguing in itself; can you expound more on this?

Inspirationally, minimalism of high modernism is basically “less is more”. Maximum impact with minimum clutter. In other words, I am inspired by spaces that have less pieces with a large design “punch” rather than seeing many pieces in a space with less high design.

tracey overbeck stead home

6. How would you describe the state of interior design savvy that Austin have or doesn’t have?

Being an Austinite, I have seen this city go through major changes over the years. I think Austin has an incredible passion for interior design. I think this city is design savvy and the growing population will demand more showrooms and increased resources for designers. Right now design-wise, we are in a city in flux. We have the interest, the desire, and the right minds but we are still a small city struggling to become a larger city with resources that you would find in a large metropolis.

7. What advice, ideas and tips would you give to new interior designers and decorators?

I love to speak to UT students during the year as a guest lecturer. I always tell them they are entering the most creative and one of the most satisfying professions.

Tip 1- Check your feelings at the door!

Tip 2- Listen to your clients!

Tip 3- No inflated egos allowed!

tracey overbeck stead bathroom design

I am giddy with excitement about this tour. Here are the details:

Saturday, January 25, 2014, 10am-4pm Get tickets here.

I do hope to see you there. All of us can learn so much on how “they” do it… that is how to create a home that’s inspiring, full of character and impeccably curated.