Valspar’s Answer to the Battle of the Paint Lines

Color in design is one of those things we, decorators and design lovers can’t stop talking about. If you want to know more tips and tricks on infusing color into your space, read our  Color Design Rules. If you’re ready to have a specific color palette, check out these Perfect Room Color Combos. Of course, you have to know the basics, I made a presentation at Treehouse Austin about Color Theory.

Color is in everything we see and sets the tone for every room. And nothing infuses more color than paint of course! With a wide array of brand names, which one should you choose? It’s no secret that I’m quite partial to Sherwin Williams and I’ve used Benjamin-Moore and the Jeff-Lewis paint line before. But I’m very intrigued about the new line by Valspar called Reserve.  Reserve features HydroChroma Technology, a new colorant system developed by Valspar with super-strength pigments allowing for a broad range of deeper, more vibrant colors and more accurate color matching. I must admit, their commercial was very clever too. It’s that one where the Mom is doing a video chat with Dad & kids. The wall behind them is vibrant yet after zooming out, there’s clutter everywhere and mess on the walls. So, it looks like cleaning will be a breeze and taking out stains off the wall is super easy.

Chroma in Color Theory is the saturation of a color, how intense it is. Think of it as “pure, bright color”, compared to a color diluted with white, darkened by black or grey, or thinned by glaze. Reserve is Valspar’s top of the line paint that is low-odor and zero VOC, it’s fade resistant and with the saturation being so intense, one-coat coverage is greatly improved {a must for paint DIY’ers out there}.

blue room valspar reserve

purple red room vaslpar reserve

pink mudroom Images by Valspar

With their newest line 40%  more durable & 40% better stain blocking, Valspar’s new paint line and technology is something to check out.

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