10 Ideas for a Stunning Wine Cellar

I’m having a serious case of the winter blues and I can’t even complain as it’s been in the 70’s here in Austin this weekend {and it’s most definitely not what Atlanta, NYC or Washington is experiencing}. But looong weeks of dreary days in the 30’s a couple of weeks back is what I think did it. I love my sunlight & need to get my melatonin levels down and be bright, cheery and driven all over again!

Anyway, on a good note; last week, I went with a group of friends to the California wine country for a gals special birthday. It was rainy & dreary but the company was fun. We checked out great sights in San Fran, had amazing food and went to several wineries in Napa, Sonoma & St. Helena. I am no wine connoisseur {and don’t pretend to be} but here’s what I adore in wineries; the tasting rooms & cellars themselves. So cozy and so intimate. Here are 10 ideas for a stunning wine cellar:

1. In the center of the room, encased in glass.

2. In the basement in rustic crates for a vintage feel.

Country Living

3. X-boxes in the kitchen cabinetry for built-in wine storage.

4. Or in a linear fashion that goes from horizontal to vertical or vice versa.
5. The dungeon, stone carvings {holes} look for an old-world feel.
6. Turn the kitchen hallway into a curved wine case storage.
7. Have an almost floor-to-ceiling X-configuration built-in wine storage.
8. Or a whole library of floor-to-ceiling wine storage just across from your dining table.
9. The wine bar nook look, of course!
10. My favorite because it’s unexpected! The spiral staircase wine storage.

How about you? Any favorites? In other parts of the world and the country, the wine cellar is as important as the guest bedroom … for now, I’m sticking to my bar cart although I’m seriously considering having a wine cellar on my *want* list.

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